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Personalized Blanket

 Have you heard of the 'linus blanket?  The kid on Peanuts who carries his blanket around EVERYWHERE?  A simple stitch around the outside of the fabric would turn this into fabric into a life long blanket!  The comfort blanket.  Not too big and not too small.  Super soft with a bit of stretch. 

Personalized blanket

You could line it with some fuzzy fabric or a funky pattern to give it more of statement blanket.


 Caution on the picture below...it may cause baby hunger!  Make a swaddling blanket for a newborn baby.  Fast, easy, homemade gift with a ton of personality and love.  


These fabrics are found in the reverse section.  The top is a reverse Navy blue with the Dallas Font.  The bottom is reverse Red with the Boston Font.

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