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Hi Friends

Here is a list of some questions you may have. 

1.  It's such a great deal, but I'm worried about the quality of the fabric:  Have NO FEAR!  This is High Quality Soft Jersey Knit Fabric that has been tested by many professional sewers.  Ashley over at Make It and Love It.com gives it a high approval and she knows her fabric.

2.  What is the size of the print:  The print measures approx 37x28 inches.  There will be an additional 1-3 inch white border around the outside of the print.

3.  Is this a screen print?  NOPE.  NADA.  NO WAY!.  We have a process where the ink is permanently dyed into the fabric. It will not come off. 

4.  So what are the specs on the fabric?  Poly/Spandex Mix. 60/40 Stretch.

5.  How will the names be printed?   Names will run perpendicular to the selvage.

6.  Washing instructions - what have ye?  Oh we know the value of machine washable fabric.  Nothing fancy is needed.  No time for that!  Just your typical wash will be what you'll need to clean this fabric up!

7.  How long does it take to ship?  Because this is printed individually so we can ensure the quality of the fabric we will ship in 2 weeks.  It does ship out of our Utah Printing Company and will arrive 2-5 days later depending on where you live.  So...if you want it faster you should move to Utah.  Shipping is within 48 hours.  Come on...it only snows 2,3,4, 5,6 or 7 months out of the year.  Mother nature likes to keep us guessing. 

8.  So, I need to contact you.  How?  Great question.  If you need us we are here.  Working super fast to get orders out!  Please email us on our contact us form OR hi@the2family.com.  We will get back to you lickety split with in 24 hours (M-F).  

9.  Do you have a phone to call?  Not at this time.  It's hard to hear the phone when you are super focused on getting orders sent out.  We'd love to help you on email though.  We want to make sure you are happy.

10.  Can you print more than 37x28 inches?  Not at this time.  This is a nice size to do so many things so we are focusing on this size for now.

11.  How can I brag about your company?  and your fabric?  {{Blush}} Tag us on Instagram @personalizedfabric2.  We just launched the ig account so it's tiny, but one day it will be huge.  Anyway, #personalizedfabric2 and we will shout you out to everyone that you can rock the fabric.

12. Need to see the fonts better?  Here you go.


.  edited-pillow1-5.jpg


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